Mix the Collections :)

leggings,tanktop,cardigan,feather-earrings,flats(NEW): H&M

bag: H&M Party Collection

longtop/dress(NEW-bought on Sale): H&M Fashion Against Aids 2010

sunnies(NEW): H&M Inclusive

Thank you so much for all your lovely Comments every Day! You really make me smile :)

And with Smile we are at the big News i was announcing yesterday.
Well, at April,1st i am getting braces..Haha :)
And that´s only the beginning. I have Jaw Surgery next Year because there is something wrong with my Teeth.
I am happy about it because hopefully it will look better next Year..but i hope everything goes well and i hope i will look not too bad with the braces and all :)
I don´t know if my Blog will change because of that but of course i will tell you if something chances and i am sure that i will NOT stop blogging!

I hope you all have a lovely Day :)

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