Hello everyone!

As you ca see i changed my Blog Layout again because i am so fast unhappy with everything.
And some other changes happened in my Life lately.
First :I really start to look "different" because of the Braces and that´s kind of funny :D
My Teeth already look amazing and i can´t wait to see the End Result after the Surgery.
Second: My Style changed a lot! I am going back to what i loved to wear all my Life.
Black,Grey,Brown..some nude Colours and a little bit more casual than girly Style.
I really love it and it makes me look a little bit older.Of course i will wear my Dresses and i love my Flower Print Stuff for Summer but i want to add Colours just as a big "bang" if you know what i mean..just as a flashy Colour (like neon) or another Statement Piece.
So i am actually selling some Stuff although i always said i would never ever give anything away..but i mean if someone else has Fun with it that´s fine.AND  i want to have as many Money as possible for the H&M Dragon Tattoo Collection :D
Third: I want to change the Way i shop! I am always buying everything i like and that´s kind of bad because i am not wearing it sometimes and the Money is gone :(
I want to think about it first if i will wear it and with what etc.
And i want to buy more Quality! For example when i need the next Pair of black Flats or studded Boots i take the ones who are real Leather.
The same with Bags and Coats etc
And i definitely need more that´s my new way of Shopping :D

So enough Words for is my Outfit :)

Enjoy your Day :)

everything H&M
C&A studded Boots
Bench Gloves

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