Goodbye 2011!

Hello everyone!
We have about eight hours to go until 2012 here in germany while i am writing this.
2011 was not such a good year for me...but of course i think the next one will be better.
there are many things i wish for... for me and of course for the world.

2012 will be a year with a lot of changes for me..the biggest one will be my surgery and i hope everything will turn out well.
and then of course i wish that my parents will be with me for a long time and my cat of course :)

and i hope that the world will get better...just a little bit again..but there is always hope.

for 2011 and right now..i am thankful for everything i have,for my parents,my cat,for every new day.

and i want to thank you for another wonderful year of blogging!

i hope you have a wonderful time tonight and of course

a happy happy new year and all the best for 2012!

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