Dress Addiction

Hey everyone!

Today i show you some of the Dresses i want to buy from the H&M Online Sale.
Maybe you can help me and tell me what you think! You like them? Do you think i should buy them all or have you a favourite?? :))

Happy Sunday my dears and tomorrow i will post a new Outfit :)

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H&M Order + a little bit Shopping :)

Hey everyone!

Well i did a little bit of Shopping today but H&M was really a Flop..the best things from Sale are gone and the new Stuff is not that interesting to me. But my local H&M is really small and bad..i buy more online.
I found this cute Apple Ring for only 3 €. :)
Then i bought my Clinique 3 Phase Skin Care and i could not say no to the second Part of Twilight.
I saw the first one with my Sister a while ago and right now i am reading the third Book...i never thought i would love it so much :)

The last Pics are my little H&M Online Order :) Hope you like it and Happy Weekend!!!

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Black and Gold

New Outfit Post dears! 

Hope you like it :)

H&M Basic Black Top

H&M Denim Skirt
H&M Divided Leggings

H&M golden Socks
Deichmann Boots

Vintage H&M Necklace via Ebay
Golden Rings from my Mum

H&M Sunglasses

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Here are some Pictures i love :)

 All Pictures via http://weheartit.com/

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Aviator in July

Hey :)

Another Outfit Post today...well the Weather is still bad and i have already said goodbye to Summer :(

Hope you all have a great Day!!

H&M Aviator Jacket

H&M Lace Sweater
H&M Basic Tanktop

H&M pink Belt
H&M Jeans

Converse Chucks
H&M Valentin´s Collection Scarf (worn as Bracelet)

H&M Divided Bunny Ring

Golden Rings from my Mum
H&M Sunglasses

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Look at my Legs!

Hope you all have a lovely Day :)

H&M Black Basic Cardigan

H&M Black Basic Top
H&M Divided Treggings

C&A studded Boots
H&M Sunglasses

H&M Bracelet
Asos lilac XXL-Ring

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Daniel Radcliffe for GQ UK 2011

Hey everyone!

A few Days ago i posted my favourite Female Editorial of the Moment featuring Emma Watson. You can check it out here .
And now my favourite Male Editorial. :)

Have a great Weekend!

All Pictures via GQ.com

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Have a great Weekend!!!

H&M Jeans

H&M Basic Top
H&M Loopscarf

Converse Chucks
H&M Valentin´s Collection Bag

H&M Sunglasses
H&M & Silly Bandz Bracelets
H&M & Claire´s Rings

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Emma Watson for Vogue Italia 2008

I love this Editorial :)

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