Hello everyone and Happy Halloween!

I just wanted to post really quick my Outfit from today and then make my big Movie Night with the Millenium Trilogy that i bought today :D

Hope you all have a great Halloween!

PS: I am really sorry for all the late Replies and for not making Comments..i will answer all comments and check out your Blogs this Week!

 H&M Party Collection fringed Jacket

H&M Blouse

C&A Boots

Asos Bracelet

H&M Rings

Vintage and DIY Necklace

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Silver and Leather

Hey everyone!

This is one of my favourite Outfits ever! I love my new silver Sweater and of course my Leather Pants are one of my all Time favourite Pieces.
This one is no real Leather but it has a very good Quality.
I am lately totally obsessed with everything Leather,black,grey and just dark edgy...i think my Style is changing again :D
Hope you have a wonderful Weekend!

H&M Fake Leather Pants
H&M silver Sweater (NEW)
H&M Hat
C&A studded Boots
H&M silver Ring
Asos Knuckle Ring

PS: Für meine deutschen Leser: Ich verkaufe einige Sachen bei Ebay.Vielleicht ist ja etwas für euch dabei?!

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Trish Summerville X H&M

All i can say can keep your Versace and just give me this :D

Love everything!

Happy Friday!

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Finally my Snake Print

H&M Snake Print Dress (NEW)
H&M Fake Fur Collar
C&A Booties

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Hello everyone!

As you can see i am not wearing my Snake Print Dress today because i was late all Day and super tired and i had to walk a lot and i don´t want to wear the Dress with flat Shoes...BUT i am wearing it tomorrow :D

Hope you like this very simple and kind of boring Outfit :D

Have a great Day!

H&M Basic Cardigan 
H&M Jeans
H&M Divided Tanktop
H&M Basic neon Top (NEW)
H&M Hat
H&M Apple Necklace and Ring
Deichmann Shoes

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All you need is Black

Hey my dear Readers!

I have a little bit more Time today so will check out your Blogs and try to answer as many Comments as possible.

Hope you have a wonderful Day!

Wish me Luck for good Weather tomorrow so can finally wear my new Snake Print Dress ;)

everything H&M Basic
H&M Boys Department Velvet Bow-Tie
Deichmann Boots
Claire´s Love Double Ring 

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I got so much to do so my Post is really quick today..hope you like the Outfit :)

Have a great Day!

H&M Jeans
H&M Blouse
H&M Basic Sweater

H&M Hat
C&A studded Boots
Asos Owl Ring(NEW) ->better Picture can be seen here

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Yves Rocher Haul

Hey everyone!
I made a small Order at Yves Rocher a couple of Days ago and here it is:

Have a great Week!

hand cream,lavender footpeeling and footcream

This was a Set: Body Balm,Mini-Mascara,Anti Aging Face Cream and Vanilla Perfume

Repair Lip Balm and 2 Lipgloss (Strawberry and Raspberry) - The Lipgloss Duo was for free!

For Free: 2 Key Rings

For Free: Beauty Case

Check out the Shop here

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Brown Highlights

Hello everyone!
Today i feel a little bit better like yesterday so here is a new Outfit Post!
The Thing is that i am kind of unhappy with my Blog..i don´t know exactly why..i wanted to change the Name but it´s too complicated and other Things make me unhappy.
Well there are gonna be changes esp after my Surgery but it´s in April so i have Time to think about what i want to change :)

Hope you like the Outfit and have a wonderful Weekend!

H&M Jeans Shorts (NEW)
H&M Sweater
H&M Basic Cardigan
H&M Socks (NEW)
Deichmann Boots
Vintage Leo Scarf

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Outfit + Award

Helloy everyone!

This is today´s Outfit.

H&M Divided Leo Pants
H&M Basic Sweater(NEW)
H&M Vest
Deichmann Boots
Bench Gloves
Butterfly Necklace won from Your Princess is in another Castle

I got another Award from the lovely Girls from Maya and Suzie

Thank you!!

7 Facts about me:
1.I live alone since i am 21.
2.I lost 25 Kilogramm in 8 Months.
3.I collect DvDs and Clothes.
4.My favourite Things to buy are Dresses and Rings.
5.My favourite Burger at McDonalds is the McChicken :D
6.I got my Cat for 14 Years now since she was a Baby.
7.My favourite IceCream is Lemon.

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Pictures i Love

Hey everyone!

If you follow me on Twitter you already now that i am a big Fan of Books and i have read a lot lately.
So i decided to show you some lovely Pictures from and about the Books i totally love.

Enjoy :)

1. Twilight/2.Outlander Saga/3.The Lord of the Rings/4.Shakespeare/5.Vampire Academy/6.Brokeback Mountain/7.The Hunger Games

All Pictures via

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Old Items

Hello everyone!

Well today i wanted to wear my new Snakeprint Dress but i was sooo late all Day...
I only had 5 Minutes to dress so i put together something that always works: Jeans,a black Top and Chucks.
As a little funny Twist i added this Cap.
The Items of this Outfit are all very old just like the Title says.
The oldest ones are the Chucks with 7 Years and the Cap with 10 Years.

Have a lovely Day!

H&M Jeans
H&M Sweater
H&M Basic Cardigan
H&M Cap
Converse Chucks

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