Outfit + Award

Helloy everyone!

This is today´s Outfit.

H&M Divided Leo Pants
H&M Basic Sweater(NEW)
H&M Vest
Deichmann Boots
Bench Gloves
Butterfly Necklace won from Your Princess is in another Castle

I got another Award from the lovely Girls from Maya and Suzie

Thank you!!

7 Facts about me:
1.I live alone since i am 21.
2.I lost 25 Kilogramm in 8 Months.
3.I collect DvDs and Clothes.
4.My favourite Things to buy are Dresses and Rings.
5.My favourite Burger at McDonalds is the McChicken :D
6.I got my Cat for 14 Years now since she was a Baby.
7.My favourite IceCream is Lemon.

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