Brown Boots

Hey :)
I am really sorry for the late Replies and for not making Comments.
I wanted to check out all the Blogs i am following and make a new Bloglist but i really have no Time..maybe i can do it at the Weekend and next get ready for the Comments...they are coming :D

Enjoy your Day :)

H&M Basic Leggings
H&M Top
H&M Basic Cardigan
H&M Leo Beret
H&M round Sunglasses
H&M Feather Necklace
C&A fringed Boots

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Lilac Leo

Hey :)
The Pics today are so funny :D
I made one of the Cat when she was watching me making the Outfit Pics.
And can you see her on the second Pic? :D

Have a great Day!

Everything H&M

Deichmann Boots

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Goodbye Summer

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday and a good Start into the new Week :)

 H&M Jeans
H&M Top
C&A Blazer
3 Suisses Leo Flats
H&M Beret
C&A Watch Ring

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My Favourite Magazines + Award

Hey everyone!

First i want to say sorry for the lack of Outfit Posts.
It´s just that i start to look let´s say different because of the Braces and i am not really happy about it.
I know that it will look (hopefully) better after the Surgery but now it´s not so good.
But i will post Outfits..maybe not every Day.
I wrote before that my Blog will probably change because of this Braces/Surgery Thing but i will NOT stop blogging and hope you will like my Blog even if it´s different.

So here are my favourite Magazines:

I got an Award from the lovely MaYita...check out her fantastic Blog here

Thank you Girl :)

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My Baby :)

Hello everyone!
I hope you all have a great Day!

Today i decided to show you some new Pics of my Baby :) 
She turns 14 in November and still looks the same.
Enjoy :)

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Pink and Blue

Hope you all have a great Day!

 H&M Jeans

H&M striped Top
H&M Sandals

H&M pink XXL-Bag
H&M Scarf (on the Bag)

H&M Bracelets (one worn as Necklace)
Asos lilac XXL-Ring

C&A pink Sunglasses

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Happy Birthday River Phoenix

Hey everyone!

Today i am not posting something about Fashion.
I want to dedicate the Post today to a wonderful Man and my favourite Actor ever.
It´s his Birthday and he would have been 41 today.
I miss him :(

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Golden Accessoires

Hey everyone!
Summer is back and i am so happy :)
My Outfit today is completely from Sale.
I got the Skirt for 3 €,Top 1 € and Shoes 7 €.
Hope you all have a great Day!

H&M Top
H&M Skirt
H&M golden Sandals
H&M Necklace with Tassels
H&M Bracelet
H&M Sunglasses

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Love at first Sight :)

Hey everyone!

I found the perfect Coat for me and it will be mine next Month :)


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Red Chinos

Happy Weekend everyone!

 H&M red Chinos

H&M Basic Shirt

H&M Vest

H&M Divided Flats

H&M Necklace

H&M,Vintage and from my Mum (Gift) Bracelets

H&M round Sunglasses

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Mert and Marcus

Happy Friday everyone!

Today i show you some of my favourite Fashion Photographers and Producers: Mert and Marcus.
They are so unique and creative..just amazing! They have done a lot of Advertising like Chanel,Roberto Cavalli and Armani Jeans ad they make the most amazing Editorials.
Here are some of the new ones. Enjoy!

Anne Hathaway for Interview Magazine September 2011

 Kristen Stewart for W Magazine September 2011

All Pictures via via
and  via

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Hey :)

Woah have you all seen the new Stuff at the Online H&M Shop??? This Store is killing me..i love EVERYTHING! I need Money :D
Well the Weather is so great again and i can wear my Summer Clothes at the Weekend!
Today all black! Like?

 H&M ripped Jeans

H&M Basic Shirt

H&M Divided Hat

H&M round Sunglasses

H&M silver Cuffs (NEW)

3 Suisses Leo Flats

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