...of my Outfit tomorrow! Hope you all have a great Day!


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Gary Oldman

Hey everyone!

My Post today is a little bit Off Topic or better it´s about Men´s Fashion again.
And there is one Person i totally LOVE -as an Actor,Artist and for the Classic and always a little bit cool Style: Gary Oldman.
I think most of you know him from Harry Potter but he has made some of my favourite Movies of all Time like Francis Ford Coppolas Dracula and The Scarlett Letter.
I just love him! :)

 Donna Karan Fall 2000 Campaign with Milla Jovovich
 His Wife Alexandra

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Lace Shorts

Hey :)

Just a quick Post today because i have to do some Stuff for the Blog..a few new Things coming up!

And i wanted to thank you all for the lovely Comments!! :))

Have a fabulous Day!

H&M Basic Tanktop

H&M Lace Shorts
H&M Divided Hat

H&M round Sunglasses
H&M Feather Earrings

H&M Sandals

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The Maxi Dress

Hey my lovely Readers!

I hope your Day was as beautiful as mine! Sun all Day..yaaay!
For the first Time i wore one of my lovely Maxi Dresses and i combined it with my new Tassel Belt and a fringed Bag..i love my Outfit! Hope you like it ;)

H&M Maxi Dress(NEW)

H&M Belt(NEW)
H&M Bag

H&M Sandals

H&M Sunglasses

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Ipanema by Gisele Bündchen

Hey everyone!

The Sun is back!! Yaaay!!
I wore some of my favourite Summer Shoes today..they are so comfy!

Hope you all have a great Day!!

H&M Basic Jeans

Madonna Basic Shirt
H&M Divided Plastic Bag(NEW)

Ipanema by Gisele Bündchen Sandals

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Machs Grün (Post in German)

Hey an alle :)

Sicher habt ihr schon von dieser tollen Aktion gehört bei der für jeden Blog auf den man diesen Button setzt ein Baum gepflanzt wird!

Einfach den Button in die Sidebar setzen und so der Umwelt was gutes tun!

Macht mit!

Mehr Infos gibt es hier 

New Outfit Post later! ;)

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Balmain Men Spring 2012


All Pictures via

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Hey :)

Sorry for these weird Pics..i think there is something wrong with my Cam..oh no :(
I hope it´s better tomorrow and maybe i can make some Pics outside ;)

Hope you all have a great Friday!!

(sorry again for not so many Lines..i am just so tired)

H&M Jeans

H&M black Sweater
Zara TRF Leather Vest

H&M Divided Bow-Necklace
H&M Sunglasses

C&A Boots

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Leo Flats

Hey everyone!

If you follow me on Twitter you maybe already now how excited i am because of J.K. Rowling´s Harry Potter Announcement..i am such a Fan :D

I am wearing my favourite Leo Shoes today and i hope it will not Rain again!

Have a lovely Day :)

H&M Jeans

H&M Divided pink Tanktop
H&M Tanktop

H&M Divided Hat
H&M Bracelets

H&M Leo Flats

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First Day of Summer and i need a Scarf....

....i think the Title of this Post says everything...where is the Sun? :(

Hope you all have a lovely Day!

H&M Jeans

H&M Basic Cardigan
H&M Divided Scarf

H&M Biker Boots
H&M Beret

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Versace for H&M


Really exciting News from H&M! Versace is the next big Designer for a Collection in Autumn!!

The Collection will be in Stores November,17.

And there is a Spring Collection! Available only online starting January,19.

You can read the News and watch the announcing Video here

New Outfit Post is up later today ;)

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Violent Lips

Hey everyone!

Today i want to share with you something really cool :)
I saw these Lip Tattoos first in the german InStyle and it was love at first Sight.
They are so unique and colourful.I just love them!

You can buy them  here

What do you think about them?

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My Daily Must-haves!

Hey everyone!

Thank you so much again for all the lovely Comments! I changed my Background now and i like it more then the last really looks more professionall and the focus is now on the Posts again.

I just don´t know how i can make the Background of the Posts bigger..i want to make bigger Pictures and the it looks weird...i can´t really descibe it :D Maybe one of you knows what i mean and can help me :D

Well here are the Things that i need for my Daily Make up and Smell :D

Have a lovely Day!

EDIT :D I got it!! Layout for bigger Pictures haha :DD

 Sun Dance Sunblock Face and Body
 Balea Deo and Chanel N°5
 p2 Perfect Face! Anti Red Base and p2 Feel Good Correction Mosaic Powder
 p2 Rose Shimmer Fluid Blush (tender rose) and p2 Profitime! Concealer (beige)
 The Body Shop All over Shimmer Cubes (warm palette),Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (blackest Black),Dior So Cheek! Blush Creme (018) and Catrice Enter Wonderland Limited Edition Lipgloss (Alice´s Hatter)
 My Make up :))

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