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A lot of you asked me to give a little bit more Information about my Skin Care.
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Clinique Liquid Facial Soap

How to use: in the morning/evening

For all Skin Types

There are three different Formulas:
1-Extra Mild
1+2 Mild
3-4 Oily (I use this)

200 ml  -19,50 €

 Clinique Clarifying Lotion

How to use: in the morning/evening

There are four different Formulas:

1- very dry and dry Skin
2- dry and combination Skin
3- combination to oily Skin (i use this)
4- oily Skin

400 ml  29 €

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

How to use: in the morning/evening

There are two different Formulas:

1-2 very dry and dry Skin/dry and combination Skin
 For 1-2 it´s a Lotion

3-4 combination to oily Skin/oily Skin
For 3-4  it´s Gel (i use this)

50 ml -23 €

For me these three Products are a must have-The Basic Skin Care! And don´t be uncertain because of the Prices -these Products are very economical!!

Extra-Products i use: 

Clinique Total Turnaround Visible Skin Renewer

How to use: I use it as needed after the DDML

I use the Cream but you can also buy a Concentrate.

It´s for dry Skin and very dry Skin

What you get is a more radiative complexion.

50 ml -43,50 €

Clinique  All About Eyes

How to use: in the morning/evening after the DDML

All Skin Types
It´s ver soft and cooling.

reduces puffs and circles (and mine are sometimes really bad but this cream works!)

15 ml -35 €

These Products are really great and economical!So for me they are 100 % worth the Price.

You can buy all these Products here 

Alverde Apricot Face Peeling

How to use: when needed

All Skin Types

It´s very soft and smells nice.

50 ml -2,25 €

You can only buy it in a german Drugstore called DM

Estee Lauder Idealist
Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher

How to use: in the morning/evening BEFORE the 

All Skin Types

For smooth Skin and smaller pores.

This Serum is a Miracle!
 I have to say that my Skin used to be REALLY bad when i was younger and this was my Salvation!

30 ml -62 € 

I don´t use the Advanced Night Repair Serum yet but i will post about it when i do! ;)

You can buy these two Products here
Body Products:

The Body Shop Green Apple Bath&Shower Gel

 How to use: Daily :)

It smells wonderful!

All Skin Types

My Skin gets fast very dry if i use the wrong Shower Gel but this one is perfect even if i sometimes don´t have the Time to use a Body Cream.

250 ml -5 €

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Butter

How to use: Daily :)

It smells very fresh and like Summer!

For normal to dry Skin.

It absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave a weird feeling.

200 ml -15 €

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish

How to use: when needed

For normal Skin.

It smells delicious and there is Honey in it.

It is very gentle and firms the skin!

200 ml - 10 €

To me the Products from The Body Shop are worth every Cent because they are fabulous,they are  more natural and they are not testet on Animals.

You can buy all these Products here

These are the Fragrances i use:
Chanel No 5
Yves Rocher Fraise Strawberry 
Yves Rocher Evidence

The next one on my Wishlist is Love Chloe :)


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