My Daily Must-haves!

Hey everyone!

Thank you so much again for all the lovely Comments! I changed my Background now and i like it more then the last really looks more professionall and the focus is now on the Posts again.

I just don´t know how i can make the Background of the Posts bigger..i want to make bigger Pictures and the it looks weird...i can´t really descibe it :D Maybe one of you knows what i mean and can help me :D

Well here are the Things that i need for my Daily Make up and Smell :D

Have a lovely Day!

EDIT :D I got it!! Layout for bigger Pictures haha :DD

 Sun Dance Sunblock Face and Body
 Balea Deo and Chanel N°5
 p2 Perfect Face! Anti Red Base and p2 Feel Good Correction Mosaic Powder
 p2 Rose Shimmer Fluid Blush (tender rose) and p2 Profitime! Concealer (beige)
 The Body Shop All over Shimmer Cubes (warm palette),Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (blackest Black),Dior So Cheek! Blush Creme (018) and Catrice Enter Wonderland Limited Edition Lipgloss (Alice´s Hatter)
 My Make up :))

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