What´s in my Bag?

Hey my lovely Readers!

Here is one of the first "new" Posts on my Blog!
I try to post a little bit more different Things then just Outfits so there is coming more!

Today i show you what´s in my Bag..and maybe i post an Outfit later!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

  1.  My favourite Bag at the Moment (H&M)
  2. Hello Kitty! Cosmetic Bag
  3. Purse (i need a new one :D)
  4. Mp3 Player
  5. Hankies
  6. A Book (right now i am reading Part 4 of Diana Gabaldon´s Highland Saga) and a Fashion Magazine
There are a few Things in my Hello Kitty! Bag:

a.Anti Aging Hand Cream from Balea
b.Lip Balm with Gelee Royale  from Balea
c.Fenistil Gel (if the Mosquitoes are eating me again :D)
f. my oral care products

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