Bananas :)

Hey everyone!

Finally a new Outfit Post.I wore my new Dress today and i love it!
I just want to tell you all two Things today:
I was asked if i really wear the Outfits i post on the Street and the Answer is yes.I always post what i wear on the same Day :)
The other Thing is that i sometimes write (NEW) on my Outfits and it means that the Item is new in my Closet.
It´s not always from a new Collection but of course you can always ask me if you want to know more :)

The best Way is you ask via Formspring and i can answer maybe at the same Day! So ask me anything you want  here

Hope you like my Look and have a great Day!!

H&M Banana Dress (NEW)

H&M Divided Basic Leggings
H&M Divided Basic Tanktop

H&M Divided Flats
H&M Sunglasses

H&M & Vintage Rings
H&M Banana Clutch (NEW)

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