Shopping Part Two + Outfit! :)

Hey everyone! :)
Today my first Asos and Urban Outfitters Orders arrived and i am so happy :)
I ordered on Monday,payed with PayPal and today i have my Rings so easy and fast :)
In this Post i show you what i bought on Monday at H&M - so many beautiful new things in the Store :)
And one Outfit that i wore some Day at January!
I will post later agin with some biiiiig H&M News *Happy Happy* :D

 Ring from Urban Outfitters
 Ring from Asos
 scarf: H&M 3 € -- Doesn´t it look like the famous Louis Vuitton Scarf?? :)
 heart-ring :H&M 3 €, ring: H&M 5 €
 heart-scarf: H&M 4 € , bag: H&M 15 €

aviator jacket,grey sweater,jeans mini skirt,tights,rings : H&M
shoes: C&A
scarf: Vintage

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