Asos Order & Tag

Hey everyone!

Here is my Asos Order!!I used Pics from the Website too because my Cam is aweful at Close ups :(
You like my Order??

I was tagged by Inspire me bitch

Thank you :)

What are the international brands that you have never tried, but that you would love to and why?

I want to own something from Chanel one favourite!
I also love Mc Queen,Jeremy Scott,Balmain and Dior.
The most important thing is to be always different and never boring!

If someone offers you something they do not like what do you say to that person?

Thank you of course :D

 Do you like to give or receive?


The brands for thee have some influence on the time to buy?
No....i just have to like it :)
From 0 to 5, summarizes and say what you think of the blog that tagueou?

I say 5!! Such a cool and unique Blog ;)
My Wishlist:

 Have a great Day!!

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