Outfit + Shopping

Hey everyone!

I did a little bit of Shopping today but not so much because i am spending my Christmas Money to my swedish Friends at H&M :D
I really can´t wait for the Dragon Tattoo Collection.

Well i bought only these great Rings from Divided and 2 DvDs:Harry Potter 7.2 and Season 8 from Emergency Room for only 10 €.

Hope you all have/had a great Day!

 H&M Metallic Sweater

H&M Cuffs

Vintage Belt

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Marni x H&M

Wow H&M won´t stop anymore with the fabulous Designer Collaborations.
After the first Part of Versace we have Trish Summerville on December 14 th and the Versace Pre-Spring Collection in January.
And guess what´s coming next?!

In March there will be a Summer Collection by Marni!
I am really excited about it,esp about the Jewelry.

What do you think?

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Noomi Rapace for Elle USA

I love this Woman-she is so gorgeous!

Pictures VIA

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Army Green

Another very simple Outfit today.
I am invited to my Parents on the Weekend for a lot of yummy Food and lazy TV Afternoons.
Today i slept too long so i had to hurry and because of that i picked up my old Army  green Cap.
I definitely want a Loop Scarf in that Colour!

Have a lovely Saturday!

 Vintage Army Cap

H&M Biker Boots

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Body Chains

I totally love Body Chains!
I have one in gold and i definitely want more.
What do you think of them?

Happy Friday! :)

All Pictures VIA

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The Weather is crazy


Just a quick Post today..i am a little late i know and i really try to catch up with all the Comments and check out your Blogs!
Thank you again for all your lovely Comments :)

Have a great Day!

everything H&M
Nelly Claw Bracelet (NEW) 

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Black and Cats


First i want to say a big Thank you for all your lovely Comments and the get well wishes :)
You are the best!
This is todays Outfit.Again it was not really cold and i think there will be no Snow this Year.

Have a great Day!

H&M Scarf
H&M Metallic Sweater (NEW)
Converse Cats Chucks

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Hey my lovely Readers!

I know this Outfit is nothing special..i had to go to the Dentist again and now i am at Home with my Food for today:Chocolate Milk and Yoghurt..haha :(

Hope you have a nice Monday!

Vintage Shirts
H&M Cardigan
H&M Jeans
Deichmann Boots 

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Movies i MUST SEE (No Fashion Post)

Hello everyone!

I had just a really lazy Day again so my Outfit is really not worth to be posted (Jeans and Hoodie) :D
So i decided to show you some Trailers of the Movies i must see in the next Months.
I am so excited about all of them!

You have a must see Movie? How do you like my Selection?

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Friday Night

This is my Friday Night with my Kitty :)

Fashion Magazines,my favourite Movie Magazine,great Food and an awesome Book!

Have a great Friday Night!

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Where is the Cat?

Hello everyone!

So tell me,did you all get your favourites from Versace x H&M? 
I didn´t buy anything because i am saving for the Dragon Tattoo Collection and i really hope that the Online Shop is working on December 14th.I heard it was pretty bad today...
Well here is today´s Outfit and like the Title says you can search for my Cat again at the Pics..she´s not so hard to find :D

Hope you had a great Day!

Vintage Sweater
Vintage Necklace
H&M Party Collection Bag

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My Jewelry Part 1

Today i decided to show you my Jewelry because i have organized everything new. 
I have some Stuff for Sale and i bought new boxes so i can see everything better.

(I know the Close ups are a little bit bad but i just can´t buy a better camera right now..but i will!)

Hope you like it :)

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Pointy Boots

Hey everyone!

I found these Boots a couple of Days ago in my shoe cabinet and i thought i could wear them again after Years!
The Boots are getting pointy again so this is a little Trend that i don´t need to buy :D
What do you think of pointy shoes? 

Have a great Day!

Vintage Boots

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