Shades of Pink

H&M jeans
H&M jumper (NEW)
H&M bracelet (NEW)
H&M hat
Asos ring (NEW)
C&A fringed boots 

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New York Fashion Week - Favourites Part 1

Band of Outsiders

very country-boho-chic - i totally love the brown suede coat and the black dresses - clean make up and messy hair is very pretty too

 Kimberly Ovitz

warrior/lisbeth salander/rooney mara inspired collection -love the leather jackets,fringed details and the slender cuts - very beautiful  for this look are the strong eyebrows

All Pictures via

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The 80`s are back

Vintage 80`s leather jacket
H&M leggings
H&M rings
H&M golden bag
C&A star scarf
H&M biker boots
Vintage wayfarer sunnies

It was such a lovely day outside! I smell spring :)
This leather jacket is from the fleamarket and it was only 0,50 € -can you believe it?! :D


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H&M oversize scarf

I know that this outfit is really boring and the pics are pretty bad (grrr) but i am late for like the fifth day in a row..i just can´t get out of bed with this weather :(
I promise a better outfit tomorrow! 

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New in

Vintage oversize blouse - flea market 0,50 € / H&M Conscious Collection kimono 5 €

H&M tights 4 € / H&M cap 8 €

Vintage 80´s leather jacket - flea market 0,50 € !!

Which one is your favourite piece? :)

I am answering comments & i post a new outfit tomorrow!

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New Sweater

H&M Sweater (NEW)
H&M aviator jacket
C&A gloves

This cozy sweater was on sale online for only 5 € and with that great price i bought another one in light pink.
I have to apologize for the bad pictures and the little bit boring (in my opinion) outfit. 
I feel strange lately..maybe it´s the weather..i just want to get rid of these braces and cannot wait when this surgery is over...well i hope i feel like dressing up soon and then the outfits & pics will be better again :D
Hope you all have a lovely week! 

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We miss you!

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bebe cream for my face,neck and hands,alverde rouge

yves rocher hairbalm

my beloved parka and my favourite loopscarf

 When it´s really cold outside there is no way i can live without these beauties!
Let us hope that we don´t freeze to death and that spring is coming soon :D
Happy Weekend!

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New Leather Jacket

H&M Trend leather jacket

I bought this leather jacket on sale for only 30 € (before it was 130€!) and i am so happy about it.
It´s a really unique colour and i like the detail that the sleeves are fabric and not leather.

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I`m in love...

...with these Zara shoes!
Too bad that i don´t have 100 € right now to buy them.
Maybe i get lucky on sale...
 You like?

Pictures via Zara

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H&M Fashion Against Aids Spring 2012

I screamed when i saw this!And like always with H&M -i love everything!
This Collection will be out April,26 in selected Divided Stores and online.
You can see the other Items here if you want (under Images /April).
These are my favourite pieces and i think they all will be mine (i just can´t say no!) :D

Pictures via H&M

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 H&M snake print dress
H&M fake fur vest
Deichmann overknees

It´s unbelievable how cold it is outside.Now it´s snowing and so windy :(
It´s really hard for me to put a nice outfit together these days because i am freezing all the time and i can´t even make good pictures and that makes me angry.
Well here is finally a new outfit AND another post ( and i am so excited about this one!) will be up later today.

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