Meet my Cat :)

Hey my Lovely Readers!

I hope you had a wonderful Day :)

Today i want you to meet my Cat :))

Facts about her:

-She is a Female but her Name is Athos (i was obsessed with the three Musketeers when i got her :))
-She is addicted to Cat-Milk

-She turns 14 this Year!

-She is the perfect Match for me..her Character is so much like mine :)

-Her favourite Thing to do is Eating and Sleeping

-Her favourite Toy is a Laser Light and her Catnip Bunny :)

-She has two Kids!!

-They were born August,1 2004 :)

This is Remus :) He only has one Eye :(

This is Andromeda :) She was born first!

These are some of my favourite Pics of her!

 That´s the Bunny :D
Hope you like the Post :)


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