Red Pants

 pants(NEW),shirt,cardigan,fake-fur-vest,bag,earrings,sunnies: H&M

bracelet: Bijou Brigitte

flats: 3 Suisses

Hey my lovely Readers :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Day! The Weather was better happy! Can´t wait for Summer!

I wore my red Pants today and paired them first with my black Wedges..but it was it little bit too much for me. So i wore my more casual Flats.
But i really have to get a good Pair of classic black Leather Pumps! They go with everything :)

Have a lovely Evening and a wonderful Sunday!!!!

Next Week i have a couple of new Things on my Blog..a Post about me as a Person,something about my Cat and more :) Hope you will like it! 
And don´t forget: You can ask me now Questions on Formspring ;)

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