Awards :)

I received a couple of  Awards lately:

The 7 Facts about me Award from the lovely Minna from Missing Sparkles

Thank you dear! :)

The 7 Facts about me:

  1. I hate Wind
  2. I got more than 60 Dresses but never enough :D
  3. I don´t drink Coffee or Tea -only Hot Chocolate
  4. My Flat is in the Fourth Floor-a lot of Stairs to go :)
  5. I have collected more than 600 DvD´s and more to come :D
  6. I have 2 Sisters and 1 Brother 
  7. The City i want to visit next is Paris :)

I got the lovely Blog Award from the lovely EvA from Call me EvA

Thank you so much :))

 And then i want to take Part on a Giveaway from the lovely Katzenkönigin from Die Katzenkönigin

This is the Outfit i would be happy to win :)))

 New Outfit Post coming up later!

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