Hey everyone!

First i want to say sorry for not posting yesterday and for the bad Pics and "not so good" Outfit today.
I just want to tell you real quick why i was so down yesterday.

Last Week i was at the Hospital for an early Talk about my Operation next Year.
I know now that it will take about 2 Years until everything is finished.
I have the Braces know for 1 Year-then the Operation-6 Months later another one to remove the screws and after that i have to wear something called a Retainer ( a piece of wire behind my Teeth) for about another 6 to 10 Months.
And i am just thinking right now if this all is worth it....if the End Result will be worth all the Pain and everything.
I was always unhappy about the Way i look but i just don´t know if it´s worth it..i will be nearly 30 when everything is done.. :(

Well enough of that..it was cold today so i wore my Leopard Jacket.But i still hope the Sun comes back soon.

 H&M Basic Jeans

H&M Basic black Sweater

H&M Leopard Jacket

Vintage H&M Necklace

Urban Outfitters Snake Ring

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