Strawberry :)

jeans,tanktop,lace-top(NEW),cap: H&M

strawberry-necklace: H&M Kids Department

chucks with strawberry/cherry-print: Converse

Hey my lovely Readers!
Hope you had a great Day!

Thank you so much for all your Comments and the Get Well Wishes! :)
I am feeling a lot better now!
The Outfit is really casual today,but i wore two new Items..i love this cute Necklace..i will definitely take more often a Look at the Kids Department :)
The third Pic is a little bit blurry but i like it..i think it will be one of those "before" Pictures because after my Surgery next Year i will look different..i hope better..haha :)

Next Week there are a lot of Things coming up on my Blog!
A new Project..fabulous Clothes from a new Company i want to show you and the Personal Post i promised you some Days ago!

Have a wonderful Evening and Dance into May :))

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Mix the Leo

jeans,shirt,scarf,sunnies,bracelets(NEW): H&M

flats: 3 Suisses

Hey everyone!

Hope you had a lovely Day!
In the german InStyle is an Article about mixing Leo Things(Pattern and Colours).
I decided to go for the Light Version today ,because i am still a little bit sick, and so i teamed my Leo Flats(I promise not to wear them all Summer!!) and my old lilac Leo Scarf.

I did a little bit of Shopping too..i hope you can see these cute Earrings(Klick on the Pic to make it larger!). Little Birds and Butterfly..very cute and i bought this Clutch for only 3 €.

Have a lovely Evening!

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The Rose Lady

Hey everyone!

I can´t believe it but i have won another Giveaway!!!

This Time from the lovely Alexa :) Thank you so much dear :))

Please check out her is wonderful! - >

I won this beautiful Necklace fromThe Rose Lady..i am so happy!

Have a wonderful Evening!
I try to make a new Outfit Post tomorrow!! 

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H&M Order :)

 shorts,vest: H&M Consious Collection
 necklaces: H&M Kids Department,bracelets: H&M
 tanktop with fringes,lace-scarf,black lace tanktop: H&M
 dress,headband with feathers: H&M

Hey everyone!

So sorry for not posting yesterday but i am still sick and my Braces hurt like hell today :(

But i will answer your comments today and check out your fabulous Blogs..i don´t want to miss too much :)

My H&M Order arrived today and i am so happy with the Items..hope it is soon warm enough to wear them!

Have a lovely Day :)

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jeans,top: H&M

blazer: H&M Trend

flats: 3 Suisses

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the fast Post today..i am really sick :(
But i will answer your comments tomorrow!

Have a lovely Evening!

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 Preview of tomorrows Outfit!

 Readers Wish: A close up from my Bracelet
Me and my Kitty wish you all Happy Easter! :))

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Colour Explosion!

leggings,belt(NEW),flats(NEW),rings(NEW),earrings: H&M

dress: H&M Garden Collection

Happy Weekend!!!!!

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jeans,top,bracelets,bow-hair-clip: H&M

love-two-finger-ring: Claire´s

flats: 3 Suisses

Hey :)

Happy Friday my lovely Readers!

If you "like" my Blog on Facebook you maybe already know what i did yesterday!
I don´t know if you saw it  but if yes you  know that i was cleaning my Closet!
I took three Hours but it was worth it.
I found a lot of nearly forgotten this Top i am wearing today. I think it must be 12 Years old or so and now it´s trendy again :)

Have a wonderful Evening!

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The IOU Project

Hey everyone!

Today i have a very interesting Project for you all and i hope you like it as much as i do!
A few Days ago the lovely Kavita from The IOU Project contacted me and i was just happy and excited to get to know her and the amazing Project.

What is the IOU Project?

The idea was to create easy classic pieces with a lot of beautifully made details. 
Every  piece is unique it has its own QR code that takes you to the entire story of the product, the video/pictures of the artisan who made the fabric in India and the artisans who made the garment in Europe!
All of this can be looked at and shared from the website.
If i were to sum up the IOU Project i would say that it has been a study in the creation of a Prosperity chain; an experiment to
rethink how goods are produced and sold in a way that benefits everyone.
The Project Members Believe:
In empowering the Artisan
In celebrating Uniqueness
In our right to Transparency
They believe in the power of Technology to make these happen.
It is an amazing Project and i can´t wait for the Web Store launch :) 

So are you interested?

Take a look:  

Hope you like it ;)
Have a wonderful Day!

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I was "tagged" :)

Hey :) Another Post today!!

I was "tagged" by the wonderful T from Fashion Translated !

She wants me to show all my here they are :)

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Rock´n`Roll :)

pants,top,hat,sandals,key-necklace,rings,sunnies: H&M

bag: H&M Party Collection

necklace with handcuffs,necklace: Vintage

bracelet: H&M Divided Exclusive

So many of you asked for a better Picture of my Bunny Ring..and here it is :)

Have a lovely day :)

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