Big Pink Bag

Hey everyone!

Today i am wearing a very casual Outfit because i had so much to do and the Weather was bad :(
Tomorrow i will show you what i bought for my second Birthday Gift Card and i have new Stuff coming up! Hope you like it :)

 H&M Skinny Jeans

H&M Basic Tanktop
H&M studded Belt

H&M Oversize Bag
H&M Scarf

H&M Bracelet
H&M Flip Flops

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New Hair!

Hey everyone!

As you can see i got a new Hairstyle! This was my first Time ever to experiment with my Hair and i think for a first try it is okay :D
Do you like it?

Have a lovely Day!! 

 H&M Shorts

H&M Basic Tanktop

H&M Sandals

H&M Feather Necklace

H&M Feather Headband(NEW)

Dreamcatcher from a 1 € Shop

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Dixi Shop

Hey everyone!

Today i want to share with you all a little Preview of a lovely Online Shop called Dixi.
I am so in love with these Pieces..they are so pretty and unique :)

As a special Surprise i have a Discount Code for you all!
You can shop some of the gorgeous Items and get 10% off of any order £15 or over!


Today the Shop will update and you can see more then  100 new Pieces!!

So check out : Dixi Shop

These are my favourites: 

  Do you like them? :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!! 

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Lazy Day :)

Hey everyone!

Today i am so lazy again..i was just outside to eat something and now i am back home on the Pc and with my Fashion Magazines!
But that´s nice too because i have finally Time to check out all the Blogs and Posts i missed :)

Have a wonderful Saturday!

 H&M Basic Cardigan

H&M Divided Basic Leggings

H&M Fashion Against Aids 2010 Dress

H&M lilac Leo Scarf

H&M Divided Exclusive Bag

H&M Biker Boots

Vintage Earrings

H&M Key Necklace

H&M round Sunglasses

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Lindsay´s Shirt :)

Hey everyone!

430 Followers..thank you all so much..amazing!

Today i was wearing one of my favourite Shirts.I bought it about 3 Years ago on Ebay and a few Weeks later Lindsay Lohan was wearing it :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

 H&M Jeans

H&M gold oversize Hoodie
H&M Necklace(Sale/NEW)

Ebay Shirt

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The Feather Earring

Hey everyone!

A really short Post today because it is really not my Day.
I am totally lazy today and want to watch TV and eat Potato Chips :D
Today i was expecting 29° Celsius and got all wet from Rain....
I wore my new Zara Earring.Like it?

Have a wonderful Day ! :)

H&M Tanktop

H&M Cycling Shorts
Zara Earring(NEW)

H&M and Vintage Bracelets
H&M Sandals

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White Shorts

Hello my dear Readers!

Today was such a beautiful Day! it feels like Summer :)
I was wearing my new Shorts from the Conscious Collection for the first Time and love them!
You like them? Did you buy anything from the Collection?

Have a great Day!

 This Cat always runs into the Pics :D

 H&M Conscious Collection Shorts(NEW)

H&M Basic Tanktop

H&M leo Bikini

H&M Feather Necklace

Bracelets from my Mum

H&M Divided Sunglasses

3 Suisses leo Flats

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A little bit like Prada :)

Hey everyone!

Today i am wearing a very old Dress.It is in my old Size (EU 38) but i think it looks okay and not too big.
It reminds me a little bit of the Prada Dress that Cameron Diaz was wearing once at the Oscars.
I wore brown Shoes and Accesoires and my favourite Vintage Bag(not on the Pics).

Have a lovely Day!!

H&M Dress (OLD)

Vintage Belt
3 Suisses Leo Flats

H&M Bracelet

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Flower Jumpsuit

Hey everyone!

As you can see my new Header and the new Layout is up!!! :))
What do you think? Like it or too much? :)

Have a great Day!!

H&M Flower Jumpsuit

H&M Bag
H&M Bracelets

H&M Divided Flats

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Mercura Sunglasses

Hey my dear Readers :)

Today i want to share with you a Brand that i LOVE!
Mercura Sunglasses.
Maybe you know one of the fantastic Designs from the Madame Figaro Lady GaGa Cover styled by Nicola Formichetti.

Here are some of my favourite Glasses and if you are interested check out this Page ;)  

Have a lovely Day and tell me if you like them ;)


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New Dress

Hello :)

Today i am wearing my new Dress and i am not so sure if i like it :D
It´s just that i look so young (A Women once said to me i look like 14!!!!)-now i have the Braces that´s even worse :D
I teamed it with black and No Flats! so i think it looks okay..but i don´t think that this one will ever be a favourite :)

How old do i look in this?? :D

Have a fabulous Saturday!

 H&M Dress(NEW)

H&M Divided Leggings

H&M Mirror Necklace

H&M and Silly Bandz Bracelets

Deichmann Boots

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All Black and Fringes

Hey everyone!

Today i dressed i little bit too warm for the Weather but yesterday i was feeling a little bit sick and i don´t want to get sick again :)
I bought this little Scarf for only 1 € and i think it is a cute little Pop of Colour for the all black Outfit!

And i was so happy to find Lady GaGa´s Album today in my favourite Store so i spend half of my Gift Card buying is AWESOME!

Have a great Day!

H&M Basic Jeans
H&M Basic Tanktop
H&M Basic Cardigan
H&M round Sunglasses
H&M and Silly Bandz Bracelets
H&M Fringes Earrings
H&M fringed Bag
H&M Divided Scarf(NEW)
Deichmann Boots

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