Goodbye 2011!

Hello everyone!
We have about eight hours to go until 2012 here in germany while i am writing this.
2011 was not such a good year for me...but of course i think the next one will be better.
there are many things i wish for... for me and of course for the world.

2012 will be a year with a lot of changes for me..the biggest one will be my surgery and i hope everything will turn out well.
and then of course i wish that my parents will be with me for a long time and my cat of course :)

and i hope that the world will get better...just a little bit again..but there is always hope.

for 2011 and right now..i am thankful for everything i have,for my parents,my cat,for every new day.

and i want to thank you for another wonderful year of blogging!

i hope you have a wonderful time tonight and of course

a happy happy new year and all the best for 2012!

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Hello everyone!

This is the outfit i wore today at my mum´s birthday party.

Have a great day!

H&M Divided Exclusive Velvet Dress

C&A studded Boots

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Hey everyone!

3 days to go and then we have 2012! Do you already know what you are doing ad wearing on sylvester?
I have to make 2 more festive outfits because tomorrow is my mum´s birthday and then on sylvester i am wearing my sequined dress.

Today i wore some more items from the dragon tattoo collection: a ripped shirt and my new favourite denim jacket.
I promise to make some comments and check out some blogs today..i really had trouble with google friend connect..maybe if i have time i will switch with all blogs i like to bloglovin..i think it´s safer and better.

Have a nice day :)

Trish Summerville x H&M Dragon Tattoo Denim Jacket

Trish Summerville x H&M Dragon Tattoo ripped Shirt

H&M Jeans

Vintage & Bijou Brigitte Bracelets

Trish Summerville x H&M Dragon Tattoo Bracelet (worn as chocker)

Deichmann Boots

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Here are some pieces i bought from the Trish Summerville x H&M Dragon Tattoo Collection:
coat,pants,cardigan,shirt and bracelet.
You like? :)

Trish Summerville x H&M Dragon Tattoo Coat,Pants,Shirt,Cardigan & Bracelet
H&M Rings

Converse Chucks

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Rock ´n` Roll TuTu

Merry Christmas everyone!

Today a very quick outfit post from me.
I was at my parents today and for the first time i wore my tutu :)

I hope you had an amazing Day!

(I promise to check out all your blogs very soon!)

i know this pic is blurry but i kind of like it :D

H&M Divided Exclusive Tutu

H&M metallic Sweater
H&M earrings

H&M Clutch
Trish Summerville x H&M Dragon Tattoo Bracelet

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Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Picture via

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Dragon Tattoo Bracelet

Happy Friday everyone!

I love my new Dragon Tattoo Bracelet so much that i wanted to dedicate a whole Post to it.
It is real Leather for only 4,95 €.
I think with my new Camera you can really see the Details.
It´s like a belt and when you open it you can read the Letters on it.
There stands: 

What is hidden in snow, comes forth in the thaw.

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Trish Summerville X H&M - My Order arrived

Hello everyone!

Today it was Christmas for me because my H&M Order arrived! :))
Can´t believe i am owning some Stuff from Trish Summerville now <3
I have to say that the Quality of the Clothes is AMAZING and i so happy with everything i am ordered.
(I also ordered two Summer and one Winter Piece on Sale)
I can´t wait to wear all these Pieces and i am sure you will see them a lot on my Blog..but first Christmas Outfits of course ;)
I hope you all have a wonderful Day!

Oh and did you buy or order something from the Collection too? :)

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Hello everyone!

Today i used my new Remington Styler for the second Time..this Time for Curls.
I am really bad when it comes to Hair and Make´s not difficult but i still have to practice :D
I am also thinking about how i should cut and colour my Hair next Year after Surgery...
I am going to a professional Salon of course and i have collected two Styles that i really like.

What do you think of them?

Pictures 2 & 3 VIA

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Black Fur

Hello everyone!
Finally a new Outfit Post today!
I wore for the first Time this Year my black Fake Fur Hat and the matching  Mittens i bought on Sale last Year.
There was a little bit Snow outside today but now it´s all gone again and raining :(

You like the Look?

H&M Fake Fur Hat
H&M Fake Fur Mittens (NEW)
H&M Divided Blouse (NEW) 

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My Jewelry Part 2

Hello everyone!

Today i show you the second Part of my Jewelry. The first can be seen here
I know it´s a little bit messy..i have to buy some boxes or something.
The last Picture is a Preview of tomorrow´s Outfit ;)

Have a great Monday!


hair accesoires and headbands

headbands and sunglasses

winter headbands and some funny hair accessoires

more headbands :)

a close up from the bracelets

wearing my new blouse and black fur tomorrow ;)

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